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We plan to have everyone confirmed at least 2 weeks prior to the move in date. The sooner you get your roommate profile in – the sooner we can begin matching!

Roommates are matched based on gender, arrival date, and preferences. If you have specific preferences or requests, let us know on the roommate profile. If you happen to know a friend you’d like to room with, please indicate that when you complete the profile.

To view a complete list of what’s included in your housing package please visit the “what’s included” page. You will not need to bring your own linens and towels. However, you may do so if you are more comfortable using your own linens.

Specific details for your check-in process will be provided in your confirmation email and “Welcome Letter”, which you will receive 2 weeks prior to your move-in date.

Most apartments only come with 1 assigned parking space. Street parking is available for additional cars. Our suggestion is to confirm whether or not your roommates will need parking and determine a shared schedule (rotation) on who will use the parking space during your internship. Please do NOT double park, park in disabled spaces, or park in any one else’s space. Your car will get towed at your expense. Please do NOT leave valuables in your car. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Should you have a question or concern about your apartment or roommate, please call your 3Sixty representative right away. Our job is to support you throughout your internship and make sure you are as comfortable as possible. You can reach your 3Sixty representative at 888-405-9948 or

For all emergencies requiring police, fire or medical attention please dial 911. For all other maintenance requests, contact your 3Sixty representative right away so we can address it. Please note that we will grant the maintenance staff permission to enter your apartment to assess and/or repair all maintenance requests. For after-hours emergencies please call 888-405-9948.

Please contact your roommates to let you in. You may also contact a 3Sixty representative at 888-405-9948 and we can arrange to have your door unlocked. First lockout is no charge. Additional lockout services will be $150 per incident.

Should you receive a notice or mail addressed to 3Sixty in error, please let your 3Sixty representative know right away so we can address it. Should you receive mail addressed to another tenant, please write “return to sender/not at the address” on the envelope and leave it in your mailbox for the mail carrier.

Premium cable channels, pay-per-view movies and apartment or community damages are NOT covered under your housing package. All damages and incidentals are the responsibility of the intern.

Please contact your 3Sixty representative if you are planning on staying past your scheduled departure date as soon as possible so that we can check on availability and pricing.

You will receive an email approximate 2 weeks prior to your departure that will outline all steps or requirements for departure.

Roommates are paired with other interns with similar stay-dates. Accommodations are ultimately secured to accommodate the earliest arrival and last departure, with monthly expenses equally divided.

Apartment changes are not permitted. If you feel that you are in a non-safe environment, please contact your 3Sixty team at 888-405-9948 to discuss. If it’s an immediate safety emergency, please call 911.

Roommate placements are based on 2 occupants per bedroom. Only when specified at time of booking will interns be placed in bedrooms individually. Individual bedrooms will increase overall monthly cost to each intern. Each intern will have their own bed.

Each type of student housing varies by location. Most accommodations include bed, dresser and desk. All bed and bath linens are brought by each intern. For dorms that have full living space and kitchens, living furniture including sofa, table and lamps will be provided but all kitchen housewares and small appliances such as coffee pot, toaster and television will not be included. If you are interested in renting any supplemental items, please contact your rep.

Yes, should you choose to have roommates, you will be required to share a bathroom.

Please make every effort to find your keys and know where they are at all times. If keys are lost, we will need to change the locks on the apartment. Costs will vary depending on the property, type of lock, time of day, etc. Evening/Nights and holiday services are typically more expensive.

Pets are not permitted in your internship housing.

  • We strongly encourage all guests to get renters insurance. It is very low cost in many cases and your current renters or homeowner’s insurance may cover you while you are in 3Sixty housing. Please reach out to your insurance representative for further details.
  • Guests will be responsible for any damage to the apartment. In addition, all trash and recycling need to be removed from the apartment and disposed before final departure. If items are left, there may be additional cleaning and/or trash removal charges.
  • If nobody takes responsibility for any damages, trash removal, or bulk-item removal, all occupants will split the expense.

If you will be receiving large deliveries, such as furniture or moving in that will take multiple trips in the elevator, please contact your 3Sixty representative to arrange elevator time with the property.

Please contact your 3Sixty representative for instructions on how to set up package services.